Care for animals, care for veterinary professionals

PBG is committed to sourcing quality products from manufacturers that prioritise animal health and better ways of caring, but we are equally committed to the health and wellbeing of veterinary professionals in the UK and Ireland and around the world.

Mental Health Challenges in the Veterinary Profession

Nearly 70 per cent of veterinarians have lost a peer or colleague to suicide, whilst approximately six in 10 have had to seek professional mental health solutions. The potential rewards of pursuing this career also come with mental and physical strain, and when considering the increase in pet ownership from Covid and fewer vets employed post-Brexit, the pressure has been difficult to bear.

Resources for veterinary professionals:

Sustainability at PBG

Our commitment to sustainability runs deep, as we collaborate closely with Eco-Action to guide practices toward achieving maximum sustainability. Our workplace proudly operates as carbon neutral, taking the initiative to offset emissions for every member of our team. Furthermore, we’ve actively participated in events alongside Eco-Action to contribute to tree-planting initiatives, furthering our dedication to a greener and more eco-friendly future.

PBG is also proud to support Anthony Chadwick in his work on sustainability and will be attending the Veterinary Green Discussion Forum in 2024, alongside other veterinary peers discussing the steps we can take as an industry to make the world a better, regenerated place to live.

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