Laboratory Discounts

PBG offers a comprehensive solution for all of your external laboratory testing and consumable needs. We work with a group of laboratories in the UK to enhance your practice’s diagnostic tool kit. Our laboratory partners offer services that provide swift analysis in the area of Biochemistry, Haematology, Microbiology, Cytology, Pathology and more.

Their laboratories use high end diagnostic equipment along with their highly trained technicians to provide you with comprehensive solutions across companion animal, farm and equine.


Our laboratory and diagnostic partners

Full PBG membership benefits at no additional cost

Our member practices work directly with the laboratories and diagnostic companies, PBG are partnered with, meaning their buying group benefits are deducted from their laboratory invoice rather than being passed via the buying group. This keeps the invoicing simple, with the practices dealing directly with the providers of the testing.


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In-house diagnostic solutions

Alongside our laboratory providers of external testing, PBG works with a number of companies who provide a comprehensive range of in-house PCR testing solutions.

Whether it be canine, feline, equine, bovine or ovine work, due to advances in testing technology, any trained member of a veterinary practice can run a series of tests concurrently and receive results between 30 minutes and two hours depending on the tests being run.


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Benefits of laboratory support from

Laboratories across the UK gain a number of benefits from joining PBG as members.

Full access to discounts at no additional cost

As with veterinary clinics and practices, our full range of manufacturer discounts are available for laboratories.



Complete range of testing products and consumables

Gain access to products from over 35 trusted manufacturers of compliant and high-quality animal health products and supplies.

Simplified and streamlined invoicing

See all discounts and rebates in one simple, streamlined, and transparent invoice, direct from the laboratories themselves.

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Serving clients across the UK & Northern Ireland, PBG has Practice Support Managers (PSMs) available to assist you and your veterinary practice. Schedule a consultation with one of our PSMs by booking a call today.

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