Working With British Veterinary LGBT+

BVLGBT+ are a voice for LGBT+ vets and vet nurses. They campaign, consult and lobby their professional bodies.

BVLGBT+ Website

At PBG, We believe that being able to be yourself will always bring out the best in you, whether its work or personal life.

Unfortunately this isn’t always the case for some people, even in the UK or in our industry. Luckily there is a wonderful group of Veterinary people, who wish to create real change.

The BVLGBT+ was established with the sole purpose to provide a platform for LGBT+ members of the veterinary profession (of all roles, disciplines and employments) to feel supported, represented and, in hopefully very few instances, robustly defended and protected.

Our views closely align with BVLGBT+, and our very own Nathan was most thrilled to be invited to attend the 2023 pride walk in London alongside the BVLGBT+. Nathan was also joined by his husband Marc, who is a veterinary surgeon, for added encouragement and support. He was generally touched at the warm welcome he received from the committee and other members.

The following day was extremely empowering, meeting different people from all manner of practice, with one united goal to add our voices to parade… and THAT THEY DID! Marc didn’t stop dancing the whole parade, something that even shocked Nathan. Nathan and his husband had such an amazing day and they cant wait for the next pride event.

To pay the hospitality back we are working on ways to spread the word of this amazing and accepting group and support them in their mission.

Being a ally is more then changing your logo for a month, you have to walk the walk and we are so proud to have done it with BVLGBT+ and we will continue to do so.

We plan to support this amazing group financially, as well as raising funds through sponsorship and raising awareness with our members.

We will keep you updated on our workings with the BVLGBT!