About PBG Farm

PBG empowers independent farm and mixed veterinary clinics with the expertise and resources needed to thrive in their industry via group purchasing benefits and educational resources.

Specially negotiated discounts on farm products

Enjoy unparalleled clinical freedom with PBG, providing you with complete autonomy to select the best products for your Farm or Mixed veterinary practice anywhere in the UK. This flexibility ensures that you can make informed decisions based on the unique needs and preferences of your practice and its client base.

Our comprehensive support extends to helping buying group members manage the disruptions caused by product shortages. We offer full stock and inventory support, advising our members on the alternative product choices available to them covering a range of critical products such as vaccines, parasiticides, anti-microbials and dietary supplements. Our partnerships with reputable European import specialists guarantee a reliable supply chain, allowing you to maintain the continuity of your services.

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Maximize Savings and Stay Informed: Exclusive Discounts and Insights with PBG Farm

Take advantage of specially negotiated discounts with manufacturers, including but not limited to Norbrook, MSD, CEVA, Anupco / Kela, Boehringer, Huvepharma, Forte, Hipra and others. These exclusive arrangements provide cost savings on essential products, contributing to the financial efficiency of your practice.

Stay well-informed with our regular monthly updates and industry insights, keeping you abreast of the latest products and industry trends. Additionally, take advantage of seasonal promotions, ensuring that you can optimize your purchasing strategy throughout the year. PBG empowers your practice with the tools and support needed to thrive in a dynamic veterinary landscape.

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Why PBG Farm?

Built by vets for vets

Our business originated from an independent veterinary group and we firmly understand the needs of veterinarians as well as their expectations in terms of price and quality of products, equipment and supplies.

Corporate style buying power

Leverage our trustworthy and established presence as a leading veterinary buying group to negotiate significant discounts and rebates on veterinary products and supplies.

You matter to us

Whilst animals are a priority, we also have a commitment to care for our hardworking veterinarian professionals. We offer well-being services and resources for veterinarians.

We’re honest and transparent

All of our business services are honest, fair and transparent. We bundle all discounts and services for our clients in a single monthly statements with no hidden fees.


Uniting independent veterinary clinics to create influence and achieve common goals

Why join PBG Farm? Veterinary clinics in the UK and Northern Ireland looking to reduce the time and labour required to negotiate supplier rates and discounts benefit from:

Manufacturer rebates

Enjoy substantial savings on veterinary products and supplies via our strong relationships with thirty four trusted manufacturers.

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Laboratory discounts

Our laboratory partners offer a comprehensive solution for all of your external laboratory testing and consumable needs. The services provide swift analysis in the area of Biochemistry, Haematology, Microbiology, Cytology, Pathology and more.

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New practice in a box

Kickstart your veterinary practice with resources and support provided by PBG such as equipment, marketing, financial solutions, initial stock supply and more.

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Value added deals

Receive additional perks of membership through value-added deals on products and services from trusted third party partners, including business consultancy, member wellbeing, CPD provision and more.

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Covetrus brands

Access products from global animal health product manufacturer Covetrus and the Covetrus family of brands, such as Vet Essentials, Veterinary Instrumentation, Calibra veterinary diets  and GTS software.

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Pooled resources and bigger purchasing power

Negotiating with suppliers is time-consuming. Veterinary practices that join an established veterinary buying group such as PBG can leverage better prices for quality products for their practices.

What our members say…

“I am so grateful for the support and guidance PBG offer that help us complete our aims as a practice”

Ania Parry


Practice Manager, Milfeddygon Dolgellau Cyf

“PBG (especially Chris) provide excellent customer support, answering any queries promptly and they cant be more helpful no matter what you ask of them! They have clear pricing system and structure and all fees are completely transparent. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to other practices.

Helen Latimer


Director, Tethera Vets

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