University & Higher Education Institutions

PBG works with universities, colleges, and veterinary schools across the UK, helping them to maximise savings.

Understanding the challenges

Universities and educational institutions face challenges that differ from the traditional veterinary practice. In terms of communication with resource split across many facilities, and with budgets often split by department, cost centre, or location, it is important that a buying group can provide strong support and messaging across the institution and to also make it easy for financial departments to understand who has earned what rebates and allocate the funds correctly.

Fortunately, PBG has a wealth of experience in working with universities and higher education institutions so are well equipped to help with these challenges. We have a very experienced team of Practice Support Managers and our financial processes and statements are clear, concise and easy to understand.

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Benefits for universities and educational institutions

As a buying group, PBG has flexibility within its model and years of experience in working with major universities, allowing us to be a strong, valuable resource to those working in the higher education sector.

Experienced Practice Support Managers

With universities often having small administration and procurement teams spread across many departments, the amount of work can often be overwhelming. We have experienced PSMs who can guide, advise and take some of the stress away.


Clinical Freedom

We do not have a formulary model which means we don’t dictate product choice to Key Opinion Leaders and Certificate Holders at Universities. We simply provide a choice of quality products with high rebates, and they use their high levels of clinical knowledge to judge which product works for them.

Clear financial statements

Unlike other buying groups who complicate their statements by adding invoices from other services and laboratories, PBG’s statements focus entirely on member spend and rebates and are thus clear, concise and easy to understand.

Promoting clinical freedom

As a buying group, PBG is passionate about defending and promoting the clinical freedom of our members, so we will never go down the formulary route where we as a buying group or via a ‘clinical board’ dictate the products members buy.

Our model of giving product choice works best for universities and educational institutions, who are staffed by Key Opinion Leaders and Certificate Holders who have high levels of technical and clinical knowledge, and therefore don’t need to be told what to buy, they just to know that whatever products they buy have strong, negotiated rebates attached to them.

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Client Success Stories

At the heart of what our Practice Support Managers (PSMs) do is supporting our member practices, to enable them to grow and be successful in their chosen field. Click through to hear from current members on how PBG has worked with them and what we offer as a buying group

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Member resources to stay ahead of the game

Our members get access to educational and networking opportunities that can help them stay up-to-date on industry trends and best practices.

Interview with Vanessa at The Vet Station Molesey

The Vet Station Molesey is an independent, family-run Veterinary surgery, built inside an old fire station in East Molesey, Surrey. Set up by Vanessa Waite, and her family, with 15 years’ experience as a veterinary surgeon.

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Uniting veterinary clinics for cost-effective supply solution

Why join PBG? Veterinary clinics in the UK and Northern Ireland looking to reduce the time and labour required to negotiate supplier rates and discounts benefit from:

Manufacturer rebates

Our strong partnerships with over 35 third parties enable veterinary clinics to leverage significant manufacturer rebates and discounts.

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Laboratory discounts

Our laboratory partners offer a comprehensive solution for all of your external laboratory testing and consumable needs. The services provide swift analysis in the area of Biochemistry, Haematology, Microbiology, Cytology, Pathology and more.

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New practice in a box

Receive a dedicated practice support manager offering one-on-one advice, quarterly business reviews, and recommendations for better buying opportunities.

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Value added deals

Direct discounts on dozens of additional value-added deals such as clothing, pet food, consumables, and more.

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Covetrus brands

Strong supply chain with Covetrus, a leading animal health company for veterinary practices.

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