Interview with Christel at VetMobile UK

By Lauren Wiseman | 29 November 2023

VetMobile UK is a home and district veterinary care service, established by Christel Caderius van Veen BVSc MRCVS in 2020. Christel and her assistant Sarah Jones cover an area just outside of Reading, offering owners at home care for their companion animals. VetMobile UK are a complementary service, working alongside the customer’s current veterinary practice, offering a personalised care service.

VetMobile UK offer the following services from their custom built van:

  • Routine care: Health checks, vaccinations, titre testing, ID chip placement, nail trimming. Medical issues such as: Ear and eye problems, skin problems, mild vomiting/diarrhoea, arthritis/limping, behavioural issues.
  • Health screening: Blood pressure checks, blood wellness screening, urine testing, heart scans for new murmurs, pregnancy scans.
  • Investigations: Blood sampling with on board biochemistry, urine testing, culture (in-house) of urine/skin/ear infections, ultrasound of the heart or abdomen.
  • Small procedures: Sedation for nail trims, grass seed removal, small wounds sutured.


Christel joined PBG as she was setting up VetMobile UK. As a new veterinary business, PBG were able share member benefits, such as discounts on equipment, clothing, workwear and introduce Christel to pharmaceutical reps to get her set up with new starter packs and rebates. Christel was able to ‘hit the road running’ with her new van, ensuring she could focus on treating the pets in her care, without the worries of speaking to multiple drugs reps and chasing up her rebates each month.

We caught up with Christel and Sarah at a café in Chapel Row and ask her how she has found working with PBG.

Chris was really helpful explaining the way buying groups work, both Premier and the other main buying groups, how they differed in the way they arrange rebate payments, and how they relate to your wholesaler etc. I liked the fact that there was no negative marketing; I dislike this intensely and it immediately puts me off a company if they use this (at least one of the other buying groups did this).

They are very responsive to email contact, and really happy to help in any way they can. The various folk I deal with are all very friendly and approachable. They also are happy to work with me despite me not being very financially driven!

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