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Since 1968, Dearson has been providing specialist tooling and engineering services. Located in Birmingham in the United Kingdom, they are ideally situated to distribute our motorised dental system, float blades and other key products throughout the UK, and the rest of the world.

Offering you a team of internationally established and respected professionals, Dearson can discuss your exact needs locally wherever you are. Dearson Equine continuously push innovative new product ranges, to ensure they deliver the most reliable and efficient equipment for you and your team’s work.  Dearson aim to deliver the products you need promptly, at a economical price and aim to be a key partner for your company.’

Dearson’s full range of equipment for Equine Dentistry Professionals including Motorised Systems, Hand Tools, Advanced Dentistry Products, Video and Lighting and daily essentials can be found on their website.

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