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Loc8um is an online platform, created to help find and place locums. Sign up and you’ll get the first 4 months free and then a discounted fee of 6% per placement.

This service involves creating a profile, selecting an available locum from those registered and booking them for their time, all at a fraction of the cost of paying a recruiter. Loc8um is a free software available to use for scheduling locums, tacking placements and potential costs. You’ll only pay a small percentage of the locums you hire.

Why Choose Loc8um?
  • Your choice
    Choose your own locum, rather than having one chosen for you. Filter from criteria such as price, specialisms, location or reviews from previous placements.
  • Specialists
    Book specialist locums for a day or a few hours to help with cases you would normally have to refer away.

    Stand out from the crowd
    Rather than having to compete with higher paying corporate practices on pay, you create your own profile for your practice. This gives locums more information on the team they’ll be part of, equipment they’ll be working with and environment they’ll be working in, something we know is incredibly important to locums.

    Loc8um is a free software you can use to schedule your locum calendar and track filled/unfilled placements, potential costs and committed costs. Only pay a small percentage on the locums you hire!

  • Accountability
    While they are necessary and can be extremely useful, unfortunately you may have had bad experiences in the past with locums being unreliable or not as helpful as you had anticipated. Loc8um has a review and stars system for both Locums and practices so it is in everyone’s interest to build a reputation and not let anyone down.

    24-hr access
    We have all been in the position where a vet or nurse messages you at 8pm to say they are sick and won’t be in. The agencies aren’t available but Loc8um is and you can post the vacancy then proactively offer it to suitable, available locums. It still won’t be easy of course but it gives you a fighting chance of getting cover!

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