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As a sister company to The Webinar Vet, we’re dedicated to quality recruitment for permanent and locum veterinary professionals. Our mission is to connect veterinarians, nurses, and practices seamlessly, providing transparent IR35 solutions. Additionally, we now offer a unique payroll and retention service for practices.

Introducing the Simply Solution ‘Employee Payroll and Retention’ 

The Simply Vets payroll solution offers a comprehensive package to streamline payroll processing and enhance employee retention:

Payroll Outsourcing: By outsourcing payroll processing to Simply Vets, your team is relieved from the burden and potential risks associated with handling payroll internally. This allows them to focus on more value-added activities within the organization.

Employee Retention Services: Simply Vets provides a range of employee retention services, such as 24-hour general practitioner (GP) support, 24-hour qualified well-being support, and a UK retailer discount hub. These services can contribute to the overall well-being and job satisfaction of employees, potentially leading to higher retention rates.

Personalised Mobile App: The inclusion of an easy-to-use personalised mobile app suggests that employees can conveniently access and manage various aspects of their payroll and benefits through a mobile interface. This can enhance user experience and accessibility.

The combination of payroll outsourcing and additional employee retention services aims to create a more efficient and supportive work environment.

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