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VetFinders are a leading vet recruitment agency supplying permanent and locum candidates of all levels to vet practices, animal hospitals and charities throughout the UK.

How it works :

VetFinders take your advert, offer some advice on how best to present it,  we can even write it for you if you wish. We advertise it across 80 different job and social media platforms including vet specific sites. We even include a premium advert in the  Vet Record online.

We call candidates, pre-screen them, and arrange all interviews for you.

We have a team of 5 consultants who actively search for and headhunt candidates, we have a large database and access to all the major job board databases, Linkedin Recruiter, vet specific sites, plus the latest AI software to aid in our search for your next employee.

We even design an in-depth social media campaign with a video job advert targeting candidates in your area.

Advertising works but couple this with our team helping you proactively search for your superstar employee leaves ‘no stone unturned.’ Adverts are posted, tweaked & refreshed regularly, NOT post and hope…

The campaign is managed by one of our consultants who is here to help, advise, and guide you every step of the way. You are updated every week and we literally throw the ‘kitchen sink at it,’ to find you your next vet/nurse.

All candidates are yours to keep with no additional fees.

VetFinders have 2 packages.  Platinum runs for 60 days and Platinum Plus runs for 90 days.

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