24/7 triage for your clients, without the consults


Designed with the vet in mind – VidiVet is a brand new service that allows a client to ask any question about their pet 24/7 via the VidiVet app. Linked to the clients record on your PMS, this helps to take pressure off the team on the ground for important appointments. If a case still requires a vet appointment, the information from VidiVet’s appointed vet will be readily available to your practice vet, to speed up the process.

Why use VidiVet?
As your clients will have already spoken to a vet, consult times are reduced by an average of 4 minutes per consult. Not only that but out of hours services are used significantly less. 96% of OOH interactions with VidiVet do not need to go to emergency and critical care appointments and instead, they redirect the client back to you to retain the revenue from their visit.

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