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Anupco Ltd started trading in 1976 as an export company for feed additives. Their parent company, Kela B.V. was formed in 1941 and bought Anupco Ltd in 2004. Kela are a manufacturing company of both human & veterinary pharmaceuticals and distribute these on a global level. In 2014 Anupco started supplying pharmaceutical products to the UK market and has steadily grown the business. To look at aligning the two companies and creating the ‘One Health’, the company recently changed their name to: Anupco Ltd T/A Kela Animal Health UK.

In the UK the distribution strategy is to bring to market the right companion and livestock animal medicines, often products that stand out from overcrowded ranges. Their focus is also on the re-introduction through special import licenses of products that have become unavailable by lack of substance of production stoppage in the UK. This is their way of creating value for veterinarians who can themselves turn around and provide their customers and their animals with effective health solutions.


One of Anupco’s unique products in the LA market is Sensiblex.

Sensiblex is designed to reduce the need for calving assistance in heifers and cows by promoting dilation of the cervix and vulva and reducing the duration of birth. Additionally Sensiblex reduces the tractive force needed therefore lessens the risk of injuries to the dam and calf.

Sensiblex also reduces the risk of endometritis and improves fertility. Onset of effect is 5 –10 minutes after intramuscular injection, the full effect is seen after a further 10 – 15 minutes.

The use of Sensiblex means significantly more cows and heifers are calved without assistance and as a result, birth injuries, calf mortality, holding cleansings and whites were all much reduced (six less calves died at birth in both the cow and heifer groups).

The use of Sensiblex is rapidly becoming a very widely used product and is a popular and significant leap forwards in medical interventions at calving.

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