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Bova UK are a manufacturer who provide special formulations for your practice.

The Veterinary Medicines Directorate authorised the London based facility with a ManSA (Manufacturer ‘Specials’ Authorisation) in 2017. This enabled founder, Nick Bova and his experienced team, to manufacture sterile and non-sterile medicines. Bova UK was the first company to receive VMD authorisation to manufacture sterile veterinary products in the UK.

Bova UK has continually expanded its range of formulations. Small animal formulations were launched 2018 then flavoured tablets in 2019. Through 2021 and beyond Bova UK will continue to add new lines and refine formulations to extend shelf lives. Bova UK has also grown its employee count from very few to over 50 members across different departments. This has a positive impact on the range and quantity of formulations that can be brought to the veterinary market.

Additional Benefits & Next Steps

  1. Bova UK and Premier Buying Group have a partnership agreement in place that provides members exclusive prices, on the widest range of Special medicines in the UK.
  2. To request your exclusive Premier Buying Group Bova Specials price list from your territory manager, please email.
  3. Register for an account with Bova UK via the website . Make sure you select “Premier Buying Group” on the clinic group drop down. This enables you to have access to your exclusive prices.
  4. Your territory manager will be available to answer and questions you may have (their contact details can be found on your Bova UK account when you log in).
  5. In order to get the latest updates from Bova UK, on new formulation releases and Bova Scholars webinars, please sign up to the Bova database
  6. Check out (and share) all the Bova Scholars webinars on the Bova UK website (there is a handy one by Prof. Mark Bowen on the Veterinary Prescribing Cascade).


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